PRAYER & PRAISE - 23rd July



Pray for youth group as we prepare the discipleship for the youth. Praying for the Holy Spirit to move through the young people and they will not just talk or hear about God, but experience the power of God in their lives and come to true knowledge of Him. Praying that the leaders connect with the kids and are not just giving out, but receiving from God also. - Rohan Waters

I wish to pray positive thoughts over our church as the Elders manage through the current situation. - Brad Ward

Please pray for Andrew and I. We are both feeling overwhelmed by worldly things and struggling in the midst of life to spend intentional time with God. - Laura Toole

Please pray for my dad Bill. That he will receive the medical help, support and advice of doctors regarding his health in relation to his aging. Pray for grace to cover him and for him to accept that my sister and I are not the enemy but are his advocates for his health. Please also pray for the first assessment task of my course to receive a great result. - Sally Cahill


Praise God for this Church - for the beautiful people we are privileged to do life with. For the way people are using their gifts and rising up to serve. Praying that we see many lives transformed for Jesus in 2018. - Rohan Waters

We serve a God who is good and never failing! - Laura Toole

I wish to praise Sally for her Godly words she uses in prayer time. It is great to be apart of this. - Brad Ward

Praise God for the good start to term 3 for the staff and students. May the grace abundance and love of God carry our school community throughout the term. - Sally Cahill

Praise God for ALL the people who have registered for Alpha, many are seekers. Pray that God will bring those who are still trying to decide. - Bruce and Chris Otten