Sally C – please pray for David and new business opportunities that God will be at the centre and he will bless both David and Jason. Pray that we will see many lives set free from approval seeking of people and rest and rejoice in the love of our Heavenly Father.

Sammi O - I'm booked into another operation. Please pray I sell my car and the funds come through for the whole process to go smoothly. I'm also faced with other challenges in order to be able to have this operation. Please pray for Tenley and her family as a short life is coming to an end very soon.

Laura T – for my mum who is going through a tough time. May God's grace and love wrap around her and through her.

Graham R – please pray for Simon. It seems God is calling him and we ask that Simon be saved and find a home to grow in his relationship with God. In Jesus name!

Melissa B - a friend Jean - continued healing for her, she is in hospital with pneumonia and coughing that has resulted in a broken rib. Praise God for this amazing woman, bring healing to her body!

Brooke H - it's a big week for me as I step into a new role, and as I also begin the journey of being a sole trader and freelancing. It feels big and scary, but is also a massive blessing and very, very exciting. I could use all of the prayers I can get, as I manoeuver through new waters.

Rohan W – Dear Lord, I pray for the young people in our church and for those investing in them. May God raise them up as devoted followers of Jesus who bring His love and light all around them - especially praying for Andrew F and his leadership.

Cindy W - pray for families hurting and grieving right now in Mt Martha/Mornington community. Jesus pour out your healing love and comfort in the midst of tragedy and pain.

Rohan W - pray that Christian people will have the wisdom to know when to speak up, went to keep quiet and the most helpful words to say…as they speak the truth in love in current issues of sexuality, marriage and gender.


Cindy W – praise God for God's family – His church; for love, prayer covering and community. Praise God for Kingdom hearts and the team from Discovery.

Brooke H – praise God for the freedom He has given me from being crippled by the opinions, thoughts, perspectives and influences of others. Thank you God for your grace and patience.

Rohan W - thanks for the Youth and their renewed meeting – that they are embracing the opportunity and want to grow and reach souls.

Ken B – Melissa and I had an oncologist visit last Monday and although Melissa's cancer is slowly spreading in her skin tissue, it is still clear in other organs and her bones. It's so important to get these packages of good news in the midst of a crappy situation. Please continue to pray for a miracle of healing in Melissa's body and for every cancer cell to be made new and healed. Thank you.

Laura T - for the quiet moments where I can sit in God's presence. For the amazing godly people who speak wisdom and discernment into my life.

Rohan W - praise God for young people who are standing firm on God's truth and truly giving their lives in service to him.

Sally C - praise God for the guys from Discovery Church sharing that gifts and talents in leading us in worship into the presence of God. How amazing is the Kingdom of God!