PRAYER & PRAISE -  Week starting 15th October


I'm feeling called at the moment to do some type of biblical study to learn more about The Word of God. I would love prayer over the right course and what the practicalities of studying looks like with full time work. - Laura T

Please pray that as my mum recovers from surgery that all her carers, support & loved ones are blessed with the hands of God & their gifts are bountiful. Pray that there is little pain and a healthy recovery for her & that the surgery has removed all the damage & she may return to the things and people she loves & does so much with & for. - Kate L


I love my chruch! God thank-you for the people of Liquid Church; for the smiles, the unique gifts and the fellowship. - Laura T

Praise God for Cam's awesome message - for reminding, challenging and inspiring us into action.