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PRAYER & PRAISE -  Week starting 21st January


Please allow this week to open hearts and for ears to listen to understand intensions. To open communications and to proceed with blessing. Encourage understanding and bless our applications. - Kate

Pray Ellie's desire to swap uni courses will be granted. Pray for sucessful return to school for staff and students. Pray for David and my health as we've returned from our cruise not feeling well. - Sally C

Praying for the year ahead. The next couple of weeks are a huge set-up time - so please pray for God's great provision in this. - Rohan

Pray for Grace as she has surgery for her wisdom teeth this week. - Cindy

Please pray for direction for Andrew and I for 2019 and beyond. Pray for my friend who lost her dad last week to cancer. Pray for peace and strength during this time. - Laura T


Thank-you God for Vivian because she is nice. - Violet Hendro

Praise God for the opportunity to see a different culture and people of faith and how they live out their Christian faith. Praise God for the opportunity for David and I to share our 34th wedding anniversary whilst away on our cruise. - Sally C

Praise God for our beautiful environment and how evident God's beauty & creation is all around us. Praise God for the beautiful new babes born this week - health and protection of body, mind & spirit. - Cindy W

Praise God for the wonderful time away with family, and the way God revealed himself through creation. Praying for the families we stayed with that they might see and know God. - Rohan

Praise God for 2019 - for the appointment of Wynand, and pray for him and his wife Mariann as they have a holiday before starting. - Cindy W

God thank-you for the strength and the wisdom that you give us on a daily basis to live out lives for You. - Laura T

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